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  • William William Sep 24, 2013 6:28 PM Flag

    Evan Turner or Wilson Chandler?

    Who would you rather draft Turner and Chandler? Who's gonna have the better year?

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    • Chandler, he's gonna get the start til Gallo returns and will likely keep starter's minutes even after he returns. Turner could turn into a pumpkin any second this season, he's a dude I prefer to stay away from. He has good moments, but he's inconsistent and inefficient; he might give you good counting stats now and then, but his reality (underachiever) is going to effect his fantasy value sooner or later.

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      • I agree with Dillon. I would personally take Chandler although if Evan Turner is ever going to turn the corner in the NBA it will be this season, I just don't like the risk.. Chandler has shown that when healthy and when given the minutes he can produce. Injuries and not getting minutes have been his biggest downfall. Where on the other hand Evan Turner has basically been handed a prime opportunity on a silver platter and not done very much with it. There is still a chance that Turner puts everything together this season and turns into the type of player people thought he could be, especially in Phili this year since they don't have a bonafide star player and have an incredible lack of depth. This could give Turner the last chance he desperately needs to put things together. But going by last year's stats alone I don't really like Turner and would rather let someone else deal with him. For a player who doesn't score 20 PTS, it's hard to like him with Horrible FG%, and an average of less than 1 in 3PTM, Steals and Blocks.
        Even though Gallo's timetable to return, which was originally in January or later, is rumored to have been moved up to late Nov/ early Dec, Chandler will still start the season, get a boat load of minutes, and if he proves himself should earn 30MPG or so even when Gallo returns, with 1 of the 2 becoming the 6th man. I see Chandler outperforming Turner in every category except for assists.

      • turner for sure


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