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  • Hellenic Hoplite Hellenic Hoplite Sep 24, 2013 3:07 AM Flag

    keeper league question

    my team last season and im not sure how many we can take back. Should i offer to take back Wade, Gasol, Chandler, Smith, GV, Drummond. I'm already thinking of letting Harris & DeRozan go.

    Stephen Curry GS - PG,SG
    Paul George Ind - SG,SF
    John Wall Was - PG
    Ricky Rubio Min - PG
    Dwyane Wade Mia - PG,SG
    Larry Sanders Mil - PF,C
    Pau Gasol LAL - PF,C
    Tyson Chandler NY - C
    Zach Randolph Mem - PF,C
    J.R. Smith NY - SG,SF
    Tobias Harris Orl - SF,PF
    Greivis Vasquez Sac - PG,SG
    Andre Drummond Det - PF,C
    DeMar DeRozan Tor - SG,SF
    Andrew Bogut GS - C

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    • This is how I'd rank your team top to bottom:

      The top 5: I have little to no questions about these guys, they are starters and are huge parts of their teams and have shown that they will produce any time they are on the court. Curry and Wade come with some injury risk, b but they are more than worth the gamble.
      The Middle 5: There are some lingering questions about each of these players, whether it be can they stay healthy? Are they past their prime? or they just haven't really shown us enough yet to be sure that they are gonna be reliable every day.
      The Bottom 5: These players all have bigger questions around their roles or their health. Vasquez hasn't been announced as a starter and is likely in a time share this season, all reports on Bogut are great, but he's Bogut, Smith and DeRozan are one dimensional fantasy guys and neither are the number one gunner on their squad. Chandler just isn't that great for fantasy, amazing FG% but he comes with injury risk and will be sharing time with Bargs and Stat this year.
      Good luck

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      • Everyone is high on Sanders but I don't really get why? What's the ceiling on this guy? 15 and 10? He is a blocking machine but is he really worth a 3rd round pick?

      • Dillon, I just quickly scratched down a list ranking his team without putting a whole lot of thought into it, and it is VERY close to yours.
        Picks 1-4 are the same, in the same order.
        I ranked Wade a few spots lower just because I think he will miss games. No denying his talent, I just don't like the injury risk.
        I also ranked Drummond higher but with his putrid FT% and not a very big sample size in the NBA to rate him from I see why he's lower on your list. I just have a gut feeling he's going to be HUGE despite his FT%.
        I have Harris ranked a couple spots lower than you, and Chandler ranked a couple spots higher.
        And besides those 2, my 11-15 is the same as yours, just in different order. Mine was Harris, Smith, Vasquez, Bogut Derozan.
        I think a lot of people would think we are crazy for ranking Derozan so low, but until he starts consistently hitting 3's or getting steals I just stay away from him. All fluff no stuff! haha.

        But most fantasy keeper leagues I've been a part of (outside of dynasty style) allow between 1 and 5 keepers. So, my suggestion would be to keep:
        Curry, George, Wall, Sanders for sure. And then pick between Wade, Drummond, Gasol or Rubio if you need 5, depending on what direction you want your team to go. High assists? Rubio. High rebs,blks,stls and don't care about FT%? Drummond. Nice overall stats from a big man who wont hurt you in any category when healthy? Gasol. Great all around stats from the guard position when healthy? Wade.

    • Can't really answer your question without knowing exactly how many players you can keep. Usually, you can keep one or two players. If that's the case then I would recommend keeping Curry and Paul George. If it's three then I would recommend Paul. He is healthy going into training camp and will be the center piece in the paint again now that Howard is gone. I like him over the other big because of his decent fg and ft percentages.

      I would stay away from Bogut, he is too injury prone. Dont let the "I'm 100%healthy" talk fool you.

    • Depends of how many keepers you can have.

    • take back as in keeping? if so... I hope you keep George over Wade, Curry over Smith, Rubio over Vasquez, Sander over Gasol... don't actually understand the question


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