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  • Nandan Nandan Sep 21, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

    Fantasy Basketball Sleepers and Busts

    Hey there, I'm making a potential list of fantasy basketball sleepers and busts and I was hoping for opinions.

    Thaddeus Young, Derrick Favors, Tristan Thompson, Kelly Olynyk, Steve Nash, Shawn Marion, Brandon Bass, Danny Green, Gary Neal, Joe Johnson, Jeff Green, Jonas Valanciunas

    JR Smith, Danilo Gallinari, Danny Granger, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Andrew Bogut

    Any thoughts? Am I right on these sleepers and busts and do you have any to add?

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    • It's looking like Corey Brewer and Reggie Jackson could also be nice sleepers, at least for the 1st part of this season. They are both likely to be starters due to teammate's injuries, but when those teammates come back, they both have a nice chance of retaining a 6tth man role, and I think if they average 28 MPG or more they would be worth owning in all formats.
      In case you don't know, Corey Brewer could start at SF for Minnesota because of the injury to Chase Budinger (who before the surgery was on my sleeper list). There's a chance that Derrick Williams starts at SF instead, but he doesn't like the 3 and would much rather play the 4, and I just don't see them going with DW over Brewer. With 30+ MPG Brewer would basically be a must own player. He put on some muscle weight this off season to better compete with bigger SF's. And although he's not the most well rounded fantasy player (rather poor %'s, and a lack of rebs or assists will always keep his value down) His ability to score and ,aom;y hit the 3, and his elite defensive skill set (steals) make him worth owning in my book. Although this team won't have as fast of a pace as Denver did last year, Brewer should be able to duplicate, if not expand on his averages from last year as long as he is starting. A slower pace will effect his stats somewhat, but his averages last year came in only 25 MPG, so the extra playing time should make up for it.
      And everyone saw what Reggie Jackson was capable of doing, late last year when Westbrook went down. He looked comfortable running the point, and I see now reason why he won't pick up this year where he left off last. I had Jackson on my deep sleeper list before the latest news about Westbrook, but his value goes up even more now. I think 13pts, 4 rebs, 4 asts with 1+ steals and close to 1 3PTM with nice %'s isn't too far fetched as long as he is starting. And I'd take those numbers all day long from a player I got in the last 1 or 2 rounds.

    • Maybe I don't get things right, but how can guys like Favors, J. Green, Millsap or Bledsoe be labeled as sleepers? I think no one is a sleeper who will very probably drafted in the first 3-5 rounds. I mean everyone knows about them and the expectations are very high so it would be a surprise if any of them failed this year.

    • I think Robin Lopez will have a great year. Aldridge plays from the outside and Robin will be picking up boards and blocks all day long. He should also get a lot of minutes. I also like Dalembert in Dallas

    • I think all of your sleepers have very good potential to have good value this year but there are a handful of them that in competitive leagues cannot be considered sleepers anymore. Guys like Thad Young, Derrick Favors, Jeff Green and Jonas Valanciunas especially. Everybody who watches a lot of nba or pays attention knows that they have all shown hints of potential at the very least in the past, and due to team circumstances are all primed for much bigger roles this season. I would have ALL of those guys on my watch list, but would not personally consider them sleepers.
      I like all of your busts. Pause. But all those guys are so talented or have had so much value in the past that it Is hard to consider them all KEEP AWAY players, or players that I go out of my way to avoid in fantasy. Depending on where they are drafted they could still be worth a roster spot as long as you keep expectations in check. Honestly Eric Gordon and Andrew Bogut both have a chance to stay healthy and quickly move from your bust list to your sleep list! Remember it wasn't that long ago that people were saying, sure Steph Curry is super talented, but I'd stay far far away from him because of his ankles. No he is slated as a top 10 pick in nearly every league.
      If you are adding Bass and Olynyk as sleepers you might as well add Kris Humphries. At least 1 out of those 3 should have an above average season in Boston.
      I have Greg Oden as a sleeper. I'm not saying you should definitely go out and draft him in any format, but he's a guy I'll be watching very closely and will be ready to #$%$ from the FA list if the time is right and I am not dumping anyone with steady value for him.
      Wilson Chandler is another sleep IMO.
      I just read the replies and I guess I have a different definition of sleeper. I would NOT consider Eric Bledsoe or Enes Kanter sleepers. The media is going crazy about both of their potential this year.
      Thomas Robinson is a good 1. Isaiah Thomas could be.

    • Busts
      Dirk is once again highest on my list of busts this year, just like he was last year. He's 35, Dallas is gonna limit his minutes, he had knee problems all last season, and yet he's being ranked almost like he's 2006 Dirk. I don't get it. Deron Williams and Ricky Rubio are getting drafted way too high for my tastes as well and are good bust candidates. Obviously if you're drafting Rondo in the first half of the draft, it will be a disappointment.Andrew Bynum (duh), David West is gonna be sharing time with Scola and people seem to be forgetting that.

      Milsap, Oladipo, Jeff Teague, Favors, Jrue Holiday, Z-Bo, Monroe, Tobias Harris, Drummond, Amir Johnson (Should have a breakout year and is getting slept on right now), Kanter and Faried are also getting drafted at a discount. Jimmy Butler, Chase Budinger, Wilson Chandler, Verajao, Cody Zeller and Olynick should all provide better returns than their draft spots too.

    • super deep cover sleeper....thomas robinson

    • J. Green, Drummond, Bledsoe, Valanciunas, Kanter, Favors

    • For your sleepers, I'll have them in this order:

      Thad. Young
      J. Green
      D. Favors
      B. Bass
      J. Valanciunas
      K. Olynyk
      T. Thompson
      J. Johnson
      D. Green
      G. Neal
      S. Marion
      S. Nash

      For your busts:

      You can still pick these men. Maybe for your bench players. Maybe I'm wrong but these men can still produce decent numbers in 3-4 cats.

    • Good list....I would add Eric Bledsoe, Enas , Wilson Chandler and Javale McGee to Sleepers and to busts is about right I reckon..


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