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  • J. Micro J. Micro Sep 13, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Damian Lillard or Serge Ibaka?

    I'm in a 10-man head-to-head keeper league and I'm already keeping LeBron and Westbrook.
    The categories are: Points, FT%, FG%, 3's, Rebounds, Assists, Blocks, Steals, and Turnovers.

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    • In a h2h I'd take ibaka, as he can win you one cat all by himself some weeks. You already have a top PG in Westbrook.

    • Lillard blows. Find a new manager for your team.

    • Ibaka so your core will be Westbrook, Lebron, and Ibaka and you build around that. With Lillard, you'll have to find another big every time. Also when people think keeper, they think too long term. You can always trade later.

    • LIllard, You can get Hibbert, Sanders for blocks

    • I would go with Lillard on this one. I'd rather have the points and assists rather then the blocks he is going to produce. I think you can grab blocks a lot cheaper somewhere else.

    • Ibaka
      You've already got a well rounded start to all your other stats with LeBron and Westbrook and Ibaka is so dominant in the blocks category that he is more valuable than Lillard. There are only a small handful of players capable of dominating the blocks cat and he's the best one of them. Why? He doesn't kill your percentages like a lot of other dominant shot blockers out there, plus he's due to improve on the already stellar start to his career. Keep those three and you'll be able to draft best player available for the rest of your draft and not have to worry about cobbling together dominance in any one stat.

    • Personally I don't think this decision is as easy as it seems. But I think I would still go with Ibaka. His domination on blocks can be a game changer, especially since you already have LBJ and Westbrook for PTS and ASTS. Ibaka was considered a late 1st round pick last year, and according to Basketball Monster he finished the season as the 11th ranked fantasy player overall.
      I really like Lillard, but I don't see him being a 1st round talent quite yet. Especially since he wasn't last year even when he played so many minutes per game... This year his team has more depth all around, and better depth at the PG postion with Mo Williams and CJ McCollum both able to play the point. So I think Lillard will play slightly less minutes this year and personally I'm just not sure he can drastically improve on last year's stats in less minutes. Or at least I don't think he'll improve enough to be ranked higher than Ibaka.
      Another upside with Ibaka is if you decide you don't need his blocks you could probably trade him and get someone better than you could get for Lillard.
      Just my opinion though. I love PG's on my fantasy teams, so having Westbrook, Lillard and Lebron (I know he's not a PG but still gets you those type of stats) would be pretty cool. But not if you don't have any shot blockers/rebounders... If Ibaka can continue to hit 3's his value will probably go up even more this year!

    • I'd keep Ibaka since you already have Westbrook


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