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  • tedesco tedesco Mar 29, 2013 8:50 AM Flag

    The Vucevic Dilemma

    There are two days left (he probably won't play today but I don't count it because the roster thing is done for the day) from this playoff round, and I have one more add. It would be really nice to know if and when he comes back. I'm trailing 4-5 right now and it's very close (pts -6, rebs ), so I could pull the trigger before tomorrow even if nothing specific comes out about his situation.

    What do you think about this? For those winning by a mile he is an easy stash but for those like me.. of course I may lose with or without him and with any plugin player.

    BTW, this might encourage me to cut Vucevic just to see him come back on the same day :D
    "Coach Jacque Vaughn might decide to not to play Vucevic even after Vucevic receives a medical OK to play again. Vaughn has been cautious in putting players back on the court after injuries. Vucevic wouldn't speculate on how close he is to playing again. "I don't know," he said. "All that is up to the trainer. I just follow what he says." Vucevic attended the Magic's workout Tuesday. Although the Magic primarily shot baskets, Vucevic didn't participate, Vaughn said." (Orlando Sentinel)

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    • cut him NOW!
      if you dont you may just regret it if you lose 5-4.

      you have to focus on THIS week first, then worry about next week when you win.

      dont count your chickens til they hatch.

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      • Thanks for your input Daniel. It would have been nice, but .. first Marc Gasol - I dropped him last week -, then MWP..., then Gasol comes back (he cleared waivers and I picked him up, others were sleeping), so gradually my four pickups for the week were gone and I'm stuck here with Vucevic and will lose. I won the regular season, but it's simply impossible to cope with so many injuries.
        He has both Henderson and G. Green, both producing some ridiculous career week, especially Hendo. That's life, er.. fantasy :-)


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