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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 28, 2013 10:52 AM Flag

    Best PF/C's for keeper leagues/

    I have a keeper team that I like to build a core of dominant bigs with. We keep 5. 2 of those will be my PG's, so I have 3 slots open for PF/C's. I'm wondering if I should just pick 3 out of the guys I already have, or try to work a trade.
    This year I punted FT%, but if I trade/don't keep Drummond, and I trade D12 for a PF/C with nice FT% I could have some nice bigs who won't SUCK at FT%.
    My bigs:
    Brook Lopez
    Demarcus Cousins
    Dwight Howard
    Nikola Vucevic
    Andre Drummond

    Would you try to swing a trade of Howard plus someone else for 1 of these guys if possible?
    Lamarcus Aldridge
    Serge Ibaka
    Al Horford (bad FT%)
    Larry Sanders (bad FT%)
    Anthony Davis (still a little inconsistent, but very promising)
    Paul Milsap
    Joakim Noah

    Or on the other hand, if you owned 1 of those guys above in a keeper league, would you entertain the thought of trading them if someone offered you some combo of 2 including: Howard, OJ Mayo, Thad Young, Andre Drummond, Nik Vucevic (really don't want to trade, want to either keep or let back into the re-draft), or Mo Harkless??


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