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  • Rick Rick Mar 20, 2013 12:32 PM Flag

    Who's the best

    Just wondering people's opinions on the 3 following, they have about same skill set and same schedule next 2 weeks. Rank accordingly. Jonas V, S Marion, A Drummond.

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    • If Drummond actually plays and you are not worried about his FT% then he is the best by a large margin. But if he doesn't come back soon, or you are worried about FT% he's not the best option.
      And although Marion is currently injured, it sounds like he'll be playing on Friday, and when healthy he has been the much better and more consistent option compared to JV.
      I'd probably take JV in a deep kepeer league, but I just can't picture him holding more value than Marion for the next 2 weeks assuming Marion is healthy.
      So I'd rank them right now:

      But if Drummond gets healthy and especially if he starts, and like I said you don't care about FT%, he could be the best option.


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