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  • Kevin Kevin Mar 19, 2013 7:38 PM Flag

    Rose + for Lebron trade

    In a keeper, should I make the following trade:

    I give: Rose, Milsap and Hibbert
    I get: Lebron

    I really would love to add Lebron, and I've already got Durant, so that makes my team pretty nice. Other potential keepers I have are: Cousins, Batum, Lowry, Granger, Bynum and Durant. So by doing this deal, I probably move out two keepers (Rose and Milsap, as I don't think I'd be keeping Hibbert) and get a better one back. The question though is whether Rose would be a superstar again, or if he lost a step.

    Any advice would be great.

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    • I'd say it comes down to 2 factors.
      1) how many keepers do you keept at the end of the year?
      2) how much of a chance do you have of winning THIS season?

      I think if you give up those 3 for Lebron you'd probably struggle to win this season. Looking at the rest of your potential keepers I don't think you'd stay competitive in rebs and blocks without Milsap and Hibbert, even though Lebron gets you some of both.
      But if you aren't worried about this year I'd defnitely make this trade! Having Lebron and Durant as keepers would be a great starting point for probably the next 10 years. Not to mention Batum has great potentail. Those 3 are great keepers because they provide in every single category. Cousins has a ton of upside and is already worth keeping, and Lowry is a downgrade from Rose as a keeper PG, but is more valuable than some.
      I'd say:
      Lebron, Durant, Batum, Cousins and Lowry
      are better than:
      Rose, Durant, Milsap, Batum, Cousins

    • I'd take Lebron for his consistent all-round stats. Answer mine " can I beat him in playoff?"

    • HAVE to make this trade.

      Milsap and Hibbert not really keepers IMO.

      So keeper Rose for keeper LeBron?? This is a no brainer.

      Can we crown you the next years winner already?

    • Word from Chicago (I live here) is behind closed doors that Rose is BY FAR the best athlete in the gym. So, he hasn't lost a step, he's just lacking confidence and the final mental hurdle. That's why I'm still holding him in my non-keeper, $$ league. For what it's worth, but adding Lebron is never a bad thing either way.

    • I would


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