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  • KJC KJC Mar 19, 2013 1:18 AM Flag

    I need help, cheating Commsih

    The commissioner of my league is blatantly cheating. Is there a way I can contact yahoo and have them provide a recourse of even eliminate the league. Thanks for all advice.

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    • Unfortunatley Yahoo will do nothing. The best two options (assuming he really is cheating) are to either dump your roster into the FA's and forget about the league, or have all the other players do that too. Post his info on here so thers can stay away from his leagues in the future.
      It sucks, but you'll find out that it usually happens once to all of us. For some reason there are people out there that would rather have a bunch of gold trophies to display that are tainted, than to win the hard way.
      I'd personally rather come in last every time if I knew I was trying my hardest and playing by the rules.

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      • Thanks for the reply. Yea this dude is changing The rules set for the league to his benefit. He manually dropped players from team who didn't make the playoffs and then changed the wavier period to none and pick up their beast on his team so he had the best team in the playoffs. No this dude has Russell Westbrook, James harden, deron will and Kobe on the same team. It's just straight up bul. His name is Dustin Lyons handle D Lyons team name AirMoney23. I'm going to try to get the other teams in the league to quit playing thier roster or I may wait till the commish gets to the finals and whoever makes it there against him. We just front load his team to be beat him. Sometimes you gotta fight fire with fire. Thanks for the help though.

    • you could contact all the other owners in the league tell them your thoughts/proof. Then you could all just quit delete your teams.


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