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  • UnitedFan UnitedFan Mar 18, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Need advice

    I have reddick and am looking to drop him for Derrick Williams, would that be a smart move? I'm in first place going into the playoffs

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    • 1st instinct without knowing anything about your team or league is to go with Williams.

      But things to consider, which nobody that answers on here can tell you better than yourself:

      1) Of the 2, who has the better playoff schedule? And within that schedule are there are days that you'd have to bench either of them because of too many players with games? If Williams has 4 games and Redick has 2, but you'd have to bench Williams for 1 of your studs 2 of his 4 games, then that makes a difference see?

      2) Do you need 3's/points with great FT%, bad FG% and little peripherals? Or do you need more well rounded stats with better FG% but less chance of 3's (although he's been hitting more lately) and worse FT% on higher volume?

      3) How will swapping out a SG eligible player for a SF,PF eligible player effect your roster?

      Like I said, 1st instinct for me would be to go with Williams unless something really stands out from the points I made... He#$%$ the same amount of 3's as Redick lately, has better FG%, more points and rebs, and although neither get many steals or blocks, Williams is more likely to than JJ.

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      • I agree with cwizzle. Plus menesota has lots of games, and derrick williams is getting #$%$ loads of minutes due to love injury. Where as reddick is supporting ellis and jennings.... Sorta. Anyways i have both for the past 2 months and i am more happy with williams then JJ, reason is that derrick provides you 3s points rbnds and rare blocks, and JJ has been inconsistent. But if you can keep both it be better.


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