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  • Scott Scott Mar 17, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Just got Chris Paul, now I need to decide my Keepers, HELP!

    Hey guys. I'm in a crazy keeper league with people from work. Some stats are ridiculous and it's making me wonder who to keep for next season. I just traded away Anthony Davis and Ricky Rubio and got Chris Paul, which I'm stoked about. Here are my keepers so far:

    Keep - Chris Paul, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin

    My other choices for a 4th and final keeper are - Serge Ibaka, Greivis Vasquez, Kemba Walker, Anderson Varejao.

    I have other players I like but can't imagine keeping, like Andre Iguodala and Ryan Anderson, so those 4 are my last choices. Problem is, some stats are insane and are the reason I'm not in 1st (I'm in frickin 3rd!)

    STATS: Points, Minutes, Field Goals Made, FG%, Free-Throws Made, FT%, 3 Pointers Made, Offensive Rebounds, Rebounds, Assists, Steals, Blocks, Turnovers, Personal Fouls, Double-Doubles, Triple-Doubles, and Team Wins

    Team Wins are KILLING ME because I have good players on bad teams (that's why I got rid of Davis and Rubio, cause their teams always lose). Also that's another reason I'm considering not keepering Varejao or Kemba, but if they got traded in the off-season, I definitely would.


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    • I think you HAVE to go with Ibaka. He doesn't kill you in any category, and is only improving... He's the higheswt ranked player in that last by a lot, so if you want to trade him after the draft next year you should be able to get late 1st round value in return.
      He will dominate blocks, be very good in team wins, and with 2 rebounding categories his value only goes up. His FG% is outstanding, and his FT% is much better than a lot of other dominant Bigs.
      Vasquez and Walker both have decent value and nice upside, but like I said, if you keep Ibaka and realize you need a PG more than a Center, you could easily trade Ibaka for a better PG than either of them.

    • I agree with Keeping Ibaka. His gam eis coming around, he can nearly single-handedly win you blocks, and his Team Wins (coupled with K.D.) will have you winning every week. Greivis and Kemba are solid though, but have their own issues, plus play on horrible teams.

    • Probably pick ibaka since his game been improving so much every yr. He's been attempting 3's now so maybe next yr he could be an all around player than just a block specialist


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