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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 16, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Keep Vucevic over Howard or Lopez??

    12 team h-2-h 9 category keep 5.
    current keepers
    1) Mike Conley
    2) Goran Dragic
    3) Demarcus Cousins
    4) Dwight Howard
    5) Brook Lopez
    Other choices:
    Nikola Vucevic, Thaddeus Young, Andre Drummond

    With the emergence of Vucevic this year, and the fact that Lopez is injury prone and isn't as great of a rebounder, is there any way you would keep Nik over Bro Lo? I'd really hate to see either of them slip away, but I need to keep my PG's since there will be very little value at that position in the re-draft. But Lopez is playing so much better than I expected this year, I really can't decided.

    Brook Lopez (C):
    52% FG, 77% FT, 19PTS, 7 REBS, 1 AST, 0.5 STL, 2.2 BLK, 0.561 A/T
    Nikola Vucevic (PF,C):
    52% FG, 70% FT, 12 PTS, 11+ REBS, 2 AST, 0.7 STL, 1 BLK, 1.009 A/T

    Going by averages alone from this year:
    Lopez has edge in: FT%, PTS, BLK
    Vucevic has edge in: REB, AST, A/T
    FG%, STL basically even.

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    • I like Vucevic a lot because he's such a good rebounder and he's got durability. I remember last year he jacked up 3's and maybe he will get back to that again. I'd keep him over Lopez personally because I get mad at his lack of REBS.

    • If you can swallow losing FT%, KEEP DRUMMOND!!!!! Forget Lopez. Drummond will be a beast for as long as you play fantasy sports.

    • You have a sweet problem. Brook is the best of center in the east but can't rebound
      D-12 is the best defensive C but can't shoot fts. And Vuc is in his second year and AD is just a 19 rookie. Also you got DMC, so good and so immature...
      Really, I think you have enough talent to at least drop DMC. If I had to choose, Drummond, Brooks and Vuc. Drop DMC and D12. You are getting 2 young studs who can play, Detroit ain't picking Maxiell 5 m contract for next year so AD can be the C of Detroit so they can move Moose to PF. Vuc is 3rd or 4th in double/doubles this season and Brook is the most offensive center of the east.

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      • Thanks I get where you are coming from, I just don't see myself being able to chose Drummond over Cousins or Howard. If I'm punting FT's, then Howard is the better option over Drummond all day long, can't really argue with that.
        And as far as keeping him over Cousins, it COULD work out, but that's a big risk taking a rookie who averaged 19 MPG in a bench role and then broke his back, over a guy who admittedly is immature but is also averaging 17pts 10 rebs, 3 asts, 1.6 stls and .7 blks.

    • i will keep lopez and howard

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      • I'm a fan of Drummond, if you going to keep Howard than I rather have Drummond's upside and youth even though his FT is really bad right now but I can see improvement. Dwight is hurt badly right now and his value is just one more trade away from diminishing.
        Vucevic has an edge on Lopez bc he could take the 3's like Love and this is only his first season with the magic.


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