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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 14, 2013 4:44 PM Flag

    Keepers or Bums?

    16 team h-2-h keeper league. Must keep minimum of 3 players, maximum of 5... Anything over 3 we obviously give up our draft pick for that round.
    This league is a little unique, we have 13 player rosters, but only start 6 each day. 1 per position, plus 1 utility. So having 1 good player at each position is better than having 4 elite PG's and no good SF's, just as an example.

    My Keepers currently are:
    Goran Dragic (PG)
    Wesley Matthews (SG,SF)
    Blake Griffin (PF,C)
    Serge Ibaka (PF,C)

    I might try to trade Matthews and 1 of my non keepers for an upgrade, but trading is hard right now.
    Here are some other players I either own, or are FA's... Would you give up a draft pick to keep any of them?
    Byron Mullens (PF,C) Free Agent
    Andrea Bargnani (PF,C) Free Agent
    Andrew Bogut (C) Own him
    Kyle Korver (SG,SF) Own him
    Lou Williams (PG,SG) Free Agent
    Jared Sullinger (PF) Free Agent

    So, stay with the 4 I have? Try to trade Matthews + 1 for a better SG,SF? Or Keep someone like Korver, Lou Will, Mullens, or Bogut?

    Last year I ended up keeping 4 instead of 5, and let Klay Thompson, Kemba Walker, Tristan Thompson and most regretfully Monta Ellis go back into the re-draft. (Remember Monta was struggling end of last year fitting in with Jennings.) Don't want that to happen again.

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    • I agree, your keepers are good...i really wouldn't give up a draft pick for any of those guys.

    • ur keepers are good

    • stay with 4 you have. Bogut might be keeper canidate if he can keep healthy. Answer mine "Can I beat him in PO?"

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      • Thanks for responding. I think with Griffin and Ibaka as keepers, I'd rather either keep Korver for his 3PTM or just keep 4 and take my chances in the re-draft.
        I just wish I could package Korver or Bogut with Matthews for someone a little bit better. Or Korver and Bogut together for someone better, but it's very hard to trade in this league.
        Since I'm out of the running I just gave up some substancial value to get Ibaka. I traded Bynum (I have just had enough of him, if he gets healthy and dominates I will admit I was wrong, but I'm just not willing to take a chance anymore), Steve Nash (still good but I wasn't going to keep him anyways, I mean he's 40, and starting to not be a double digit assist type of player, and Kawhi Leonard who I was seriously considering keeping but wasn't 100% sure, for Ibaka.
        So it was:
        Nash, Leonard, Bynum
        Not sure how others view that, but to me it was giving up a lot, but if I didn't end up keeping Nash or Leonard I basically swapped Bynum for Ibaka as my keeper, and I view that as a great move.

        I'll go look for your question and asnwer it right now, thanks.


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