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  • kavvyr kavvyr Mar 12, 2013 3:03 AM Flag

    Pick 1: Ariza/Henderson/Stuckey. which has most upside?

    Im thinkin of pickin up HENDERSON because sessions is out and hendo was already gettin 30+min and 10+FGA so i think he'll only have better production. With Brandon Knight possibly out for weeks STUCKEY will prolly become a starter. but he has been very inconsistent as of late. not sure if i should drop ARIZA since he was gettin 30+min and 10+FGA even with beal playing.

    10 team league, categories: 3pt, pts, reb, ast, stl, blk, TO
    my roster:
    Kevin Martin
    Ariza keep or drop 4 henderson or stuckey
    Derrick Williams
    Jason Thompson
    Josh Smith

    also do you think i should drop either williams or kirilenko since love may return sometime this month? im worried their production will go down with love back. if it does i could drop one of the 2 to pick up ariza, henderson or stuckey.

    thankssssss sooooo much if you take the time to help me! I'll answer your question if you have one