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  • otans otans Mar 9, 2013 11:03 AM Flag

    Am i in trouble with one PG?

    Hey i was first in my regular 12 player H2H but i have had 9 injuries which has droped me to 3rd now, so i have restacked my roster but iv ran into a problem now.
    My roster:
    PG: jamal crawford
    SG: derozen, tyreke evans, klay thomson, JJ redick, Kevin Martin
    SF/PF: derrick williams, Danilo Galinari, MWP,
    C: Carlos Boozer, Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Serge IBaka

    I will make the playoffs even if i lose all my games, but now i cant trade with anyone and i only have one PG in my roster. Should i pick up a FA PG? Or am i just ok? FA availible are jason KID, Eric maynor, Nate Robinson , JJ Barea, Mike James,

    Looking at my own roster i really dont want to drop anyone but if i will be getting scrwed later on then i got to pull the trigger. Help is much appretiated. If i do have to drop i guess i would drop MWP or Kmart

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    • you're plan of attack should be to punt assists. so you lose that one category. go out and kill all the other cats in your matchups.

    • I agree with everyone else here. Even if you pick up those FA PGs, they're not going to help you in assists. Since you have a lot of big men, I would focus on REB, BLK, and FG%. You don't have players that give up too many TOs, so I would add TOs to your list of categories. You also seem to have good 3PT shooters, so I would add 3PT to the list of categories to aim for.

      FG%, REB, BLK, TO, 3PT...Those are the categories you should aim to win come playoff time.

    • For me Kidd, Frodo and Manor. But the better option is Kidd/Frodo. Both play a lot of minutes. Kidd at his age, is a jack of all trades and Frodo will have a boost in his minutes because Shved is struggling. And I rather drop K-Mart than MWP because K-Mart is listed as sg, meanwhile MWP is sf,pf. With Kidd you gets pg,sg. I like more that kind of players in my team because sometimes it's creates a logjam if 2 of your best fantasy players are playing and they play in the same position. Anyways Kidd and Frodo.

    • MWP is your most droppable player here in my opinion, but I'm not sure he's worth dropping for what is out there. Maynor is the only PG in your list that I would consider adding for assists help. He looks like he will be getting around 25 minutes per game and I would forecast 6 dimes and 10 points with a few steals and threes here and there for the rest of the season. J Kidd is good for steals and threes, Mike James is good for threes if he can stay in the lineup (which I wouldn't count on), and I dont trust Robinson from here out, or Barea.

      KevMart and MWP provide solid steals, thees and FT% (well at least Martin does) and have solid established roles on their teams, so it's hard to say if it's worth it. You're probably going to lose assists no matter what you do, so I am inclined to agree with CWizzle's assessment here and suggest you focus on your strengths and just punt assists from here out.

    • Even if you add one of those FA point gaurds that won't be enough to win assists, so you should just focus on the categories that you have been winning recently.

    • i'd go with Kidd and Robinson....Crawford isnt a PG


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