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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 6, 2013 4:42 PM Flag

    Too many Keeper choices.

    12 team h-2-h 9 category league.
    All year I've been wondering who my keepers will end up being at the end. Now that we are getting closer to the end, I still have absolutely no idea which ones to keep and which ones to let go.

    I can always try to package multiple players in a trade for an upgraded keeper, but I feel like most likely that will hurt my chances of winning THIS season. I don't want to trade 2 of my key guys away for 1 better keeper if that means losing out on a championship this year.

    Here are my keeper options, I am required to keep 5:
    Dwight Howard
    Demarcus Cousins
    Brook Lopez
    Nikola Vucevic
    Mike Conley
    Goran Dragic
    OJ Mayo
    Thaddeus Young
    Isaiah Thomas
    Andre Drummond

    Certain players kept would make it so I have to punt FT% again next year, so that's something to consider. Although I usually do fine working around that.
    Certain players are on the upswing (Vuc, Drummond, Thomas) and have HUGE potential but aren't as proven as the others.

    I also don't want to keep 5 centers and take my chances on stud PG's being available next year. So I'd like to keep at least 1 of Conley or Dragic.

    Right now I think if someone put a gun to my head I'd chose:
    Vucevic/Lopez and probably just flip a coin between those two lol.

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    • I agree with George. Keep:


      I'm a little torn on Vucevic, since he is so young and on a developing team.

      I am also in a keeper league, and you should typically drop the ones you are most likely able to pick up in the redraft. I think those 5 guys will definitely be picked up before you get to them. In my league, I was able to trade a surplus keeper for the right swap draft picks (traded my 4th round for someone's 2nd round) in the draft for next year. Ask your commish to see if you can do that.

    • id keep howard, cousins, lopez, vucevic, and conley then with all those bigs, trade for an elite pg or sf

    • I'd keep Cousins, Vucevic, Conley, Thomas, and Drummond. If you're playing 9 cat, then Howard is going to murder your FT%. all the other guys are good too, but I like the 5 I mentioned best

    • i will only keep cousins if he will be playing under different coach. i will take drummond, he should be on starting 5 next season and give great stats. and lopez over vucevic. check out my post "does my team need bradley beal?" please, thanks!

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      • Thanks for the response. Chances are, Cousins WILL be playing under a different coach next year. I don't really see how Smart can keep his job. But even if he does I still view Cousins as a must keep player for his high potential. It will be a new season and he will likely progress his game even with that coach. But even under this coach he is averaging 17 pts 10 rebs, 3 asts, 1.5 stls and .7 blocks. And his 45% FG shooting is an improvement that I believe can continue. Even if it doesn't, I can work around 1 high volume/low percentage shooter.
        About Drummond, sure he SHOULD start next season and give great stats, but that isn't a 100% guarantee. And if I trade Howard there'd be no sense in taking him on. I had players like him and Thad Young this season because they compliment Howard and I'm not worried about their FT%. But if he starts next year he will likely get to the line more times per game, making his FT shooting even worse for a fantasy team than Howard!

    • If Im you I am definitely picking these


      Easy. The rest are either replaceable or not "sure" things. I would CONSIDER going big for next year and taking vuc drag but thats really it.

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      • Thanks. I think those will be the guys I likely keep, but I'd argue that in a 12 team league where each team keeps 5 players, and a really weak draft class coming up, guys like OJ Mayo, Thad Young and Vucevic aren't exaclty replaceable. Young's steals and blocks, or Mayo's 3's and steals aren't going to be easily available in the re-draft. Especially considering I'll likely finish in the top 3 and have a low end pick.


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