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  • CWizzle CWizzle Mar 5, 2013 11:09 AM Flag

    Lost season, trying to upgrade keepers.

    Short version for people who don't like reading:
    In a keeper league, what PF/C could I realistically try to target by trading any or all of the following players:
    Steve Nash, Kyle Korver, Kawhi Leonard, Andrew Bogut, Kosta Koufos, Courtney Lee, Ramon Sessions, Chris Kaman Lamar Odom.

    More detailed info for anyone who actually cares:

    16 team h-2-h keeper leauge. We keep a minimum of 3 players but can choose to keep up to 5 if we want.
    Due to many reasons I am out of the running this year, and am just trying to upgrade my keepers. I am currently planning on keeping:
    Goran Dragic (PG)
    Wesley Matthews (SG,SF)
    Blake Griffin (PF,C)
    Andrew Bynum (C)
    The way the rosters are set up, having a dominant starting 6 (1 per position plus 1 utility slot) is more important than tons of depth. So having 1 player for each position makes more sense than keeping 4 elite PG's.

    My assets:
    Steve Nash (PG) Old, injury prone, hasn't had the best season. But still valuable for 3's and assists and seems to be feeling better recently. Yahoo ranks him 90th.

    Kyle Korver (SG,SF) 2nd best 3 point shooter in the league, currently ranked 27th.

    Kawhi Leonard (SG,SF) Great all around game, but unspectacular and overlooked. Ranked 26th.

    Andrew Bogut (C) Lots of injury concerns and ranked low, but still high upside especially if he really has no minutes restrictions and can stay healthy for more than 2 games!

    Kosta Koufos (PF,C) Great role player, but very minimal percieved value. Ranked 87th though.

    Ramon Sessions (PG,SG) Undervalued in my opinion. Does a little of everything.

    Courtney Lee (SG,SF) Even with Boston's crowded backcourt, his 3's and steals keep his value, and Boston has 1 of the best Playoff schedules.

    Chris Kaman/ Lamar Odom- Meh. Disappointing, but both have started to pick it up a little lately.

    So with those assets who could I shoot for?

    Steve Nash, Kyle Korver, Kawhi Leonard
    Lamarcus Aldridge?
    Larry Sanders?
    Serge Ibaka?
    Al Horford?

    Or are all 4 of those guys completely out of my league?
    For example, the trade for Sanders.... That manager is contending. His only PG is Deron Williams (also gets assists from LBJ). So he could use Nash. He could also use some 3PT shooting. He has Cousins (his favorite team is Sac), Monroe and Sanders for bigs. So even if he gave up 1, he'd still have decent keepers. Is that an okay trade?

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    • I dont think you can get those high end guys with what you are offering.
      I think Kawhi will break out next year. He is a young stud and Pops will bring out the best in him.

      Aldridge, top 20 player. #1 options in Portland.
      Sanders, leads league in blocks, walking double double since allstar.
      Ibaka, 2nd in blocks. solid 13 and 8.
      Horford, ranked #1 in Yahoo last week. Solid all around except for FT%.

      I really dont think anyone in your league would trade you those guys for what you are offering.

      realistically, you go after guys ranked 35-60. Chandler Parsons, Jrue Holiday, Brandon Jennings, Dirk Nowitzki etc.


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