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  • Mark Mark Feb 28, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Settle this one once and for all!!!

    A guy in my league wants my Griffin and I like Griffin but want to do whats best for my team and I am disappointed in Nash so would you trade Nash, Griffin, and Sefolosha for Jack, Dirk, and Amir Johnson?

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    • H-2-h or Roto?
      Keeper league or not?
      If it's a keeper, how many can you keep?
      What position are you in?

      There are many factors that go into trades. From the outside looking in, this value seems fair by itself, but I couldn't really tell you if it's a good move for your team or not, for this year OR the future.

      I think personally I'd stick with your side unless you really need the extra rebounds/blocks. Nash seems to be just finally getting healthy, and the Lakers are on the upswing as much as I hate to admit it, being a Celtics fan. So I would think that Nash will have a pretty good rest of the season. Probably comparable to Jack, with more assists and less points. Jack might be the better Keeper although he's not 19 either.
      Blake has stepped his game up this year, and I beleive will continue to grow. He's starting to show he's not just a dunker anymore. He is expanding his offensive game, getting a little better with the shot blocking, and has actually made improvement in the FT category.
      Dirk is still the better overall player, but Griffin is slowly closing the gap, he's C eligible as well, and is much younger and less injury prone.
      Amir Johnson has been a stud this year. But for the future who knows? If Valanciunas develops and they either keep Bargnani and he demands minutes, or they trade him for another PF, Johnson might lose a lot of value going into next season. And if HE ends up on another team, he might turn into Ed Davis. A guy who was producing great in 30MPG, but then gets traded and loses nearly all his short term value.

      This is just my view on it. The Dirk side might actually be the better short and long term option for all I know.


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