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  • _Jcg _Jcg Feb 27, 2013 10:59 PM Flag

    E Clark vs D-Mo

    Who you got in fantasy playoff time (3 weeks from now)

    Clark with Gasol possibly coming back
    Motiejunas with Thomas Robinson getting worked in and they run small ball a lot

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    • Put these things in facts. Gasol will return for the playoffs if Lakers earn a spot, so Clark will be a starter this season. Clark is playing hurt so Jamison will play the same time as Clark like 25 mpg. Meanwhile D Mo will be a starter. Houston don't want have a small line up with Delfino. Besides Robinson is new in the team system. He won't be a starter because they are in the 8 spot and trust more in D Mo because he know the play system of Houston. I should take D Mo. Because 1. Clark is hurt in his feet, and only is giving fantasy stats in pts and reb but at cost of a bad fg % or a high fg % with few attempts. D Mo is in an offensive team, you saw the stats in his first game as starter. I had Clark and I drop him, thinking in these facts. Please asnwer my question, ty.

    • Clark for more consistency. Answer mine "any chance to win Championship? Need Expert opinion!"

    • I'd bet on Clark since he has already proven he can maintain value over a longer period of time, even if he is kind of slumping right now. On the other hand, DM has only shown us, what, 2 games? He is way more of an unknown. I'd expect him to be inconsistent and unreliable with great games once in a while. Kind of like Valancuinas only probably a little more consistent.
      I expect Clark to be fine, even if Gasol comes back. I see Gasol effecting Jamsion's game more than Clark's.

    • anyone with some knowledge?


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