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  • Nandan Nandan Feb 27, 2013 10:20 PM Flag

    Deadline Day deals that could give me the league?

    I'm in a 12-team H2H auction keeper league (3 years, 3 keepers, $200 draft budget) and am currently 2nd. There's a huge gap between me and the 1st place team but he's been barely winning recently and I've been adding to my team(I recently added Kobe, David West, Jennings, David Lee) and its coming down to an arms race between me, him, and a darkhorse with the guy in 3rd. In this league, you can keep a player for the price he was drafted for (that amount is reduced from auction draft budget next year) and if you have a player who was never drafted, you can keep him for Yahoo's default price for him next year. I've been discussing potential trades for LeBron, Al Jeff, K. Love but was wondering what you guys think, there are three potential trades. Note that we also have cash exceptions in this league where managers can offer cash in next year's auction draft (as a result of prior trades, I have $170 left). I felt the minimum I would trade away this year was $30 but I feel the trade for LBJ could give me the league for sure. Here are the potential trades...

    Trade 1
    I get: Al Jefferson (keeping price $59) and give up: Millsap (keeping price $47)

    Trade 2
    I get: Lebron (keeping price $80) and give up: George Hill (keeping price $1) + $20 cash exception

    Trade 3
    I get: Kevin Love (keeping price $68) and give up: Danny Green (keeping $1) + $7 cash exception
    Note: I would give up Hill instead of Green in this deal if the Lebron's owner changes his mind.

    What do you think of these deals? Should I accept all of them? I understand Trade 2 costs alot but it could give me the league and I know one of the other top managers is trying to go after Lebron but has offered less (or at least I think based on convos I've had with friends) so I could cut him off from another weapon to compete against me. I'm not too keen on Trade 3 as I don't know if it's worth taking the chance with him given there's really no one on my roster + $7 that I think is worth Love.


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