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    Who to trade for before deadline advice needed.

    Im in a H2H keeper league and right now I have Melo, Wade, and George as my other three keepers. So since Im out of it and have pieces to trade so should I try and trade Jefferson in a package for either Batum or Wall? Here are there averages for the year in my league:

    Al Jefferson- 34.5
    Batum- 32.8
    Wall- 32.1

    Also another option I have been considering is swapping trading Wade in a package deal for Rose.

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    • I'm assuming from what you wrote that this is a points league?
      You say you have Melo, Wade and George as your "other" 3 keepers. Does this mean you have other keepers that you have not listed? If so, who are they? Your other keepers and the layout of your league's daily roster makes a big difference to me.
      For example, I am in 1 league where we start:
      And the rest is bench. In this league, having keeper depth at various positions makes a lot more sense than having 3 elite PG keepers. So that will come into play depending on how your league works.
      But as far as Jefferson vs Batum or Wall? I like Batum out of that group for his high upside, but Jefferson is very close and close enough that if you need a PF/C I'd have no problem chosing him over Batum.
      I'd also suggest trading Wade for someone with similar stats but much younger. Personally I don't think Wade has very long before he starts turning into a role player and not the 2nd main go to guy. Not to say that next season he's going to go from a 1st rounder to a scrub. But within a couple years his value could go from 1st round, to middle of your draft. If you can trade him now for someone who might be closer to the middle right now, but in a year or two could be closer to a 1st rounder, that would make sense to me.

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      • Right now my four keepers are Melo, George, Wade, and Jefferson. But Im thinking of dealing Jefferson with other pieces for either Batum or Wall. My lineup consists of 4 guards, 4 forwards, 1 center, and 1 g/f/c, George is g/f eligible and I believe Batum is as well.

        As for Wade, I have tried to trade him for pretty much anyone close to his value but in my league nobody trades their top players so thats why I have been trying to target younger players and get them before they reach their prime.


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