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  • Cory Cory Feb 18, 2013 1:09 PM Flag

    This trade kicked up a fuss in my league.

    I need some neutral sources to help hash out a debate that some of the managers in my league have been going at. Two managers in my league made this trade.

    Steph Curry & Tyson Chandler
    Nene Hilario & Andre Iguodala & Javale McGee

    Without throwing me adding any bias to this post can we discuss the fairness of this? I'm the commish but I've been gone for the weekend and wasn't present for this heated debate. The team receiving Curry/Chandler is in first place, the team receiving Nene/Iggy/Mcgee is in 6th place. This is a 10 team roto league.

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    • Seems fair to me. Both sides are taking chances. It's not the best looking trade in the world, but honestly with the right scenario EITHER side could end up being the better side by teh end of the year.
      If Curry goes down with a long term injury, end of story for that side. But, if he stays healthy he is one of the top PG's in the league, and Chandler is an underrated big man, who gives consistent boards and FG% with decent D-stats.
      The other side if healthy and given starters minutes would be the better side, BUT there is a lot of risk on this side. Iggy is having an off year even though he is still valuable, he's not as valuable as in the past, and his FT% really hurts. Nene is still a big injury risk, and McGee has HUGE upside but still hasn't been able to get consistent 30+ minutes, and if they don't trade Mozgov, he might not at all this year.

      So I have absolutely no problem with this trade. The guy in 6th is trading a stud for some depth, at the same time taking some risk that guys will stay healthy or get more minutes.

      That being said, I'd rather have Curry/Chandler. BUT If Nene stays healthy and doesn't sit out on back to back games he is a great big man. If McGee gets full run 2nd half of season he could be hugely valueable, and Iggy is still a good source of overall stats.

    • You also look into schedules. Do nuggets play 5 more games in the 2nd half? It so the numbers are a lot closer

    • id way rather get steph and chandler but if the guy needs depth and blocks, doesnt trust steph, and likes the players he is getting then why stop him from making the trade? if you feel like the managers are working together then yes veto it, but if they both like the trade for their team why would you stop that?

    • yeah veto worthy...Curry and TC easily equals Nene, Iggy and Mcgee....throw in the free roster spot in a 10 team league it borders on collusion.

    • I don't like this trade, but then again what can I (you do)? this is definitely worth a fuss

    • Because Iggy is having an off year it is definitely favors the the Curry/Chandler side but not by a whole lot. The other guy probably is a Nuggets fan. So he probably doesn't care. if they are a Nuggets fan having those guys will probably make the league more enjoyable. Which as commish is something you should factor in. As for me personally. I hate leagues that veto trades. Vetos should be very rare and only used if it is a known case of collusion. Not because of whiny members that are #$%$ because they feel someone else has made their team better.

    • I think the team getting Curry/Chandler gets a slightly better deal but it's just enough that I'm not sure it's worth a veto. Have to remember that Curry has durability issues so anyone who has a trade with him takes on that risk. You essentially are swapping Curry for Iggy which is pretty even and McGee+Nene combined is probably fair for Chandler. They both have injury issues but when healthy they are combining for more stats than Chandler.


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