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  • Mello Mello Feb 15, 2013 8:36 PM Flag

    Quick Advice

    Do you think I should add any of these FA's? If so, who should I drop, thank you.

    Nate Robinson (PG/SG) - Rose might be out longer and he's been producing pretty well
    Brandon Knight (PG/SG) - Maybe he can start picking it up
    Bradley Beal (SG) - Definite potential for production
    Nick Young (SG/SF) - Mostly scoring
    Gordon Hayward (SG/SF) - Returning soon from injury
    Derrick Favors (PF/C) - If one of the starters gets traded, dude could blossom

    10 Team, 13 Cat-H2H League, 2nd Place
    (PG) Chris Paul
    (PG) Goran Dragic
    (PG/SG) Raymond Felton
    (SG/SF) Joe Johnson
    (SG/SF) Kawhi Leonard
    (SF) Danilo Gallinari
    (SF/PF) Metta World Peace
    (SF/PF) Earl Clark
    (PF/C) LaMarcus Aldridge
    (PF/C) Ryan Anderson
    (PF/C) Byron Mullens
    (PF/C) Larry Sanders
    (C) Nikola Pekovic

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