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  • Jimmy Jimenez Jimmy Jimenez Feb 15, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

    Batum & Dragic

    I was told by a league member to make an offer for his Batum and Dragic.. I know Batum hasn't been doing well as of late..

    What do you recommend?

    My Team:
    PGs: Lillard, Nash, Wall
    SG\SF: Paul George, Klay Thompson, Ginobili, Evan Turner, Kyle Singler
    PF\C: Kirilenko, Jamison, Love, Sanders, Ibaka

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    • It's time to buy low on Batum, i'd take him for top 10 potential. Answer mine "stash which-one?"

    • It's a bit hard to come up with something not knowing what his needs are. Also whether this is a keeper league or not. I would try a reasonable low ball offer of Nash and Klay as a starting point and see what he thinks. It's buy low time on Batum and Dragic right now, so though the other side may not bite it's a good starting point.

      You're too thin up front to let go of any bigs. Lillard, George and Ibaka are too good to deal here, especially if this is a keeper league; I would hold on to them. That leaves the rest of your roster as potential trade pieces. Wall and Nash are both nice chips. Lots of name recognition for both and Wall has some pretty solid upside and is starting to get going finally.

      AK47, Turner, Ginobili, Jamison and Singler are all pretty risky pieces and are not likely to garner much interest. Unless he's looking to make a move for depth. Any one of these players could be thrown in to sweeten the deal.

      Your best trade pieces in making this deal are: Nash, Wall, Klay and Sanders.

      Your big man situation is so slim that I would probably hold on to Sanders if you're not getting a big man in return, plus you will dominate blocks with those 2. That leaves you with Nash Wall and Klay to work with. Nash and Klay or Wall and Klay are your best reasonable offers here. Like I said I would go with Nash and Klay and voice your concern with Batum's wrist injury and whatever the hell it is that is going on in Phoenix as concerns that make you hesitant to offer much more. Try to throw in Singler, Turner or Ginobili on top of those 2 if he turns down the straight 2 for 2.

      Hope this helps, good luck.


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