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  • Bry Mc Bry Mc Feb 14, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Drop Gortat For Bynum???

    8 team h2h no %s. in first place by a lot so i could take a chance. other notable FAs: Ilyasova, Asik, Pekovic, Rose, Gordon, Granger....my team:
    Gs: Curry, Conley, Lowry, Wall, Vasquez
    Fs: Batum, Gallinari, Faried, Mello, Jsmoove
    C: Gortat, Monroe, Aldridge

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    • Bynum is not worth it in an 8 team league, even if you are in 1st and can afford the stash. His latest update was not very positive and at this point it just doesn't make sense to me for him to be owned in any 8 team non-keeper leagues.
      I also think Gortat will really turn things around after the break. It seems like a lot of his problems are mental and not physical, which sucks, but they can be turned around much quicker than an injury. He will have to figure out sooner or later that even if he doesn't like the new coach or system it is in his best interest for his future to play as hard as he can, which he obviously isn't doing right now.
      With that being said, I can totally see him as a drop candidate in such a small league. In 12 teamers and probably even 10 team leagues I'd view him as a hold right now, but in an 8 team league I think there will always be value on the FA list. So if you drop him, he turns things around and somenoe else picks him up, you won't be as screwed because you can always find someone more than decent on the wire.
      As far as those FA's go, I think Pekovic is the best overall big man replacement for Gortat, altough Asik's numbers are a little more simliar to Gortat's.... Pekovic is a downgrade in blocks and assists, but his FG% and TO's are similar, while his Pts and Rebs are better. He is also the only big man choice that doesn't kill your FT%.
      Asik will be an even bigger downgrade in FT%, and has more TO's than both the others, but you won't lose as many blocks if you pick him over Pekovic. He's the least likely to have an increase in scoring, but his rebs are currently the best, and I don't see that changing.

      With Other shotblockers on your squad, I'd personally go with Pekovic if you chose to go with a Center eligible player (which I would recommend looking at your roster, it would be hard to rely just on Monroe/Aldridge).

      But if you do go with someone other than a PF/C, I like Ilyasova for his overall game, but if Gordon stays healthy he's a nice choice too.


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