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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 14, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    Garnett or Millsap non keeper league

    In a 12 team standard 9 category non-keeper league, who would you rather have?

    Kevin Garnett (PF,C) currently ranked 23rd. Older, more injury prone, minutes limit, but very productive this year. Slightly better shooting %'s.

    Paul Milsap (PF) currently ranked 40th by Yahoo. Younger, less injury prone, tons of upside. A trade in Utah could mean even more value for him, but if he gets sent to another team he could actually lose some value.... Pts, Rebs, Asts, Stls, Blks, To's are remarkably similar to KG's. Just fractions of a difference. He is averaging 0.2 3's per game, but that's not much.

    Milsap is the obvious choice in a keeper league, but I'm not so sure in a non keeper league.
    The website I used to check playoff schedules was a little confusing, but if I read it correctly, KG has 1 more game over Millsap in the finals week, all the rest are the same.

    Right now I have Garnett. Honestly losing his C elgibility is a big deal for my squad, but Milsap's upside and less chance of rest down the stretch is making me lean towards him. But Garnett has played WAY above my expectations so far, and the way Doc limits his minutes makes me feel pretty comfortable about him not getting worn out or needing a lot of rest at hte end.

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    • I say stay with KG. I like his numbers better now and unless there is serious talks about Millsap being traded, then go for him.

    • I would probably go with Milsap and hope that a trade in or from Utah frees up time for him to go all out every night. Garnett is a solid candidate for being shut down the second Boston either clinches a playoff spot or gets locked out. Fortunate for folks with Garnett on their team, Boston is hanging on for dear life and may be doing so all season to try and scrape their way into the playoffs. I personally like Milsap's upside a lot more and think it is worth the gamble. He's a particularly great asset in the steals department.

    • i think i would wait until i knew what millsaps long term role is before i traded for him. definitely a solid sell high buy low though. kg does seem to exceed expectations but millsap has much more upside going forward and i think he has a higher floor too

    • i hear u man...i honestly like Millsap more and u wont have to worry about him being rested for any games. losing another C is kind of a big deal tho. whats the rest of ur team look like so i can see how much of an impact there would be in losing a C spot


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