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  • Shaun Shaun Feb 13, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    Never draft Eric Gordon again!

    Is this guy really worth all the trouble he's causing New Orleans? Is this the guy the example they really want leading their young players? He doesn't want to play for New Orleans so he over exaggerates his knee issues, pretends to have back issues to further his stance on not playing for NO and now has hand issues that will cost him games? Pathetic and Weak. Is he trying to kill his career?

    Signed a frustrated EG owner.

    Now that I've vented, is it time to finally drop him?

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    • Drafting Gordon this year was a mistake unless you got him really really late in the draft. If you did get him really late, then his issues shouldn't be that concerning since his stats he puts up when healthy are much better than anyone else available that late. Everyone going into this year should have viewed him as the definition of a high risk/ high reward type of player.
      I totally understand the frustration with owning him. It also has seemed fairly clear in the past that he is not happy with his current situation. It is even a possibility that he is milking injuries because of all that, BUT I wouldn't go as far as to accuse him of milking every single injury he has. We don't know him, we only know what the media reports. ANd if you follow the trade rumor mill at all, you should know that the media has no problem whatsoever reporting things as fact that are just baseless rumors, or writing stories with exaggerations full of bias for their own benefits.
      All I'm trying to say is that Gordon has truely had some serious injuries and nobody besides him, his doctors and maybe a few other very close people to him really know how bad they are or if he is faking or embellishing them.
      I also don't think they traded for him to set an example to other players, they traded for him due to his incredible skill set when healthy. And I also find it very hard to believe he is purposely trying to kill his career. You don't make it to the NBA without a love for the game, and he could be worth a TON of money when healthy, so he'd be pretty stupid to purposely kill his career because he's unhappy with his current situation.

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      • CWizz, I respectfully disagree with some of what you said. You're using the wide-angled lens with regards to EG instead of reality. No matter what the media reports, you can't deny what he's gone on record for saying, not what the media says he said, his actual comments. He has expressed a disinterest in NO, that is well documented, by HIM. Yeah I believe in some small way they drafted him for more than just his skill set. You're stating the obvious man, all teams draft for talent - what team doesn't? But with a rebuilding team in NO, EG was a good fit. They drafted Gordon to be the face of the franchise, a voice and leader in the locker room and YES, a leader on the floor. Instead he has given them just the opposite. Again, you state the obvious, no he would not knowingly kill his career and I don't believe Shaun's point was about the money but instead the ego. This guy believes he worth max contract money, but can't/won't stay healthy enough to REALLY prove. He's making NO pay for drafting him, I see a lot of this as spite on his part. Reminds me a temper tantrum my two year old throws. We all know what Eric can do but it means nothing if he isn't doing it. So yes, his ego, like many others ego have, can and could kill his career. Yes, he would be pretty stupid to kill his career...I don't believe AI thought his actions would proceed his career but they have. Amare is a headache for any team, not because of his skill set (though some would argue) but because of the insurance problems he poses for teams. Gordon is holding that organization hostage man. Is he milking his injuries, I believe so. Why wouldn't he? Like Kobe said, there's a difference between being hurt and being injured. He told the world where he wanted to play and it wasn't NO and he's been making them pay every since. So while they obviously drafted him for his skill set and any other team would be crazy not to, I'm sure they don't want his level of professionalism, work ethic and subliminal drama to be a cancer to the rest of the young core on that team. I believe if NO could do have done something different, they would have. And that garbage he spews about wanting to be there and re-sign and play there, it's called good PR...he's already acknowledged that he made some PR mistakes but now, he's just being smarter about what he says and how he says it. One would have to be naive to believe that anything he says, even his coach doesn't know what to believe about EG and that came straight outta his mouth too. Shaun, I understand what you're trying to say man.

    • i dropped him for byron mullens. I dunno what your FA pool looks like though

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      • I could've told you not to draft him. I was wasn't going to touch him in the draft with a ten foot pole. That said, if the Gordon owner in our league dropped him, I'd put my waiver request in immediately. But then, we have a very shallow FA pool. I agree with Garret. If there's someone really better than Gordon then drop him, if not, you may as well keep him. He will give you good games from time to time.


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