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  • Steven Steven Feb 13, 2013 6:03 PM Flag

    Trade Veto?

    Calderon/Vucevic for Gilchrist/Nene. Veto? unfair? fair?

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    • Not vetoable. Nene has been playing very well and seems fairly healthy. When healthy he can be pretty comparable to Vucevic.
      And while Calderon is ahead of MKG by a lot, MKG still has potential for a much better 2nd half of season, nad his rebs and defensive stats might be more valueable than Calderon's 3's and assists to that person.

      Veto's aren't intended for trades that look bad, or that you don't think are exactly 50-50 fair. If all trades were completely even in value then nobody would ever make a trade. Vetos are to stop teams from cheating and colluding.

    • Probably not vetoable but massively unfair... Vucevic/Calderon much better and Nene still always an injury risk.

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      • It's actually seeming like Nene is as healthy as he's been in two years, and looks to have a really strong second half of the season. That said- Gilchirst is a head scratcher. That dude is totally worthless in fantasy, at least for this year. Definitely unfair in the favor of Calderon/Vucevic. I wouldn't veto though unless you suspect collusion. But that's just me.


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