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  • HOOP HOOP Feb 13, 2013 5:16 PM Flag

    Collusion or am I jealous?

    12 team roto league. I am currently in 2nd place.

    The team in 8th place(29 points behind first) has a pending trade with the team in 1st place.

    1st place team gets David Lee and Kevin Martin

    8th place team gets Amar'e Stoudemire and Jamal Crawford

    I feel like the deal is very lopsided. Lee is better than Amar'e and Martin is better than Crawford.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

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    • in no way am i saying that i would rather have amar'e and crawford but stoudemire has arguably been better than lee over the last month and this could arguably be a solid sell high buy low. its also possible that the guy in 8th place doesnt really know whats hes doing and thats why hes in 8th and thats why he likes amar'e. overall theres no reason to think this is collusion and i think the only reason why its under question is because its between the 8th place and 1st place teams

    • Pretty much agree with what most people are saying. This is a lousy deal for the 8th place team and it'll only end up in a wash if STAT starts playing like he used to and Lee takes a nosedive with Bogut in the mix (not going to happen). This is just a really #$%$ situation for you, but no evidence of collusion

    • it's at best a lateral move, although out of pure volume the David Lee side is favorable and therefore the 8th place team doesn't have any reason to make a deal like this with the first place team. I'd veto.

    • I see why you would have a problem with this trade, and any competitive manager would know that the Lee/Martin side wins by a lot, but unfortunately, to me it looks JUST fair enough to not warrant a veto.
      Although I do not see any scenario why the 8th place team would want Stat and Crawford over Lee and Martin.

      I would be pretty ticked off if this happened in my league, especially looking at the positions each team is in, but it would be hard to prove that they are outright colluding.

      My best advice would be to post a message on your league's board asking each manager to explain why they made this trade, and how they feel this improves their team. I'd be very interested in hearing the 8th place team's reasoning.
      Usually when teams in the bottom make trades, the trade stud players for depth. If this was Lee and Martin for Amare, Crawford and 1 or 2 other mid-to-late round valued players it would make a lot more sense.

      I guess I could see this being vetod, but I could also see how it could slip through without one. Seems like a #$%$ situation for you!

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      • Well, I looked over it again, and I think I would veto it. My main reasoning for saying it might be close enough to go thru was that Amare is still a big name, and with his talented history maybe a manager thought he would keep getting healthy and healthier and end up being a beast 2nd half of season, which is very very unlikely but not outside the relm of possibility. But David Lee is playing SO much better than him right now that I just don't think this trade is OK.
        I can even see certain managers valuing Crawford over Martin. I'm not saying they should, but I can see it being a possibility, but the difference between Lee and Amare is so big that it just makes no sense.
        Maybe have it vetod and suggest the manager with Lee adds another mid round player in the mix. I think a mid round guy with high 2nd half of season upside could make this deal a lot more fair.

    • I don't veto lightly. I personally think the veto should only be used for suspected collusion and not to babysit owners from making bad deals. That said, I'd veto this. There is no logical reason for the 8th place team to do this trade. Lee is leaps and bounds better than Stoudemire, which would be fine if Crawford for Martin made up for it, which it most certaily does not. I say veto.

    • That is a lousy deal. It may not be lousy enough to be considered outright collusion though. Jammy Craw for Martin is a wash, though I prefer Martin. David Lee for Stoudemire is heavily in favor of the side getting Lee. I would chalk that up to a really really stupid trade and I would certainly question it. All you can really do is ask that 8th place team if they made that deal to help themselves or to help the 1st place team and hope they're honest with you to find out what really went down there. If they say they did it just to help the #1 team, then that is definitively collusion and the LM should veto that deal.


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