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  • michael d michael d Feb 12, 2013 12:53 AM Flag

    Is thabo legit.

    Worth an add in a 10 team league

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    • No, I'd stay away from him in a 10 team league, unless it is set up weird and you have like 25 players on each team. In a 10 team league, the FA list should have probably over 50 guys with more long term value than Thabo.
      You have to keep things in check when looking at his recent surge. Kevin Martin has had the flu. That alone is enough to brush this off as a fluke. Not that he will NEVER have another good game, but the pace of his last 2 is just unattainable. For example, he#$%$ 9 3 pointers in his last two games, but he also only hit 9 3's in his previous 10 games before that. He's also shooting over 63% from the field in the last 2, but his career average is closer to 44%.
      If you look at his game log, he does produce decent numbers when given 30 minutes, but not like the last 2 games.

      He should be viewed as a 3 point and steals specialist in 12+ team leagues in my opinion.

      Who would you drop if you were to pick him up? And who, according to Yahoo, are the top 5 ranked players on the FA list? I can garuntee from that list there is a better option.


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