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  • Nandan Nandan Feb 11, 2013 12:15 AM Flag

    Potentially trading away CP3?

    I'm in a 12-team H2H auction keeper league (3 years, 3 keepers, $200 draft budget) and am currently 5th (will be 3rd tomorrow according to stat-tracker) however there is a huge gap between the 1st place team and everyone else so I want to rebuild for next year while being somewhat competitive. You can keep a player for the price he was drafted for (that amount is reduced from auction draft budget next year) and if you have a player who was never drafted, you can keep him for Yahoo's default price for him next year. I want to trade CP3 because I likely won't keep him as his cost is too high ($73) and not worth it imo...so I'm looking to trade for potential next year. We also have cash exceptions in this league where managers can offer cash in next year's auction draft. Here are a couple of offers I'm discussing:

    Trade 1
    I get: Ty Lawson ($39) + Ilyasova ($11) + $10 cash exception
    I give up: CP3 ($73) + Koufos (next year's Yahoo price)

    Trade 2
    I get: Kyrie Irving ($47) and give up: CP3 ($73)

    I like both trades due to the upside of the players for their cost (except Lawson but the cash exception meaning I can keep Ilyasova for almost free makes up for it). What do you guys think though? Are both trades good for me?

    BQ: I own Pau Gasol ($37), is he worth stashing for either the playoffs or next season as a keeper or should I drop him?

    Thank You!

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