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  • Dillon Dillon Feb 8, 2013 1:41 PM Flag

    Joe Johnson for Shved+Mullens

    18 team H2H, 8 cat plus DDs

    Team A gets: J Johnson

    Team B gets: Shved and Mullens

    Who wins here, and why?

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    • Nobody worthwhile on the FA market. My team is rock solid top to bottom. I have Mullens and Shved currently and was offered JJ. I just don't like JJ that much this year, bad FG% not much for steals everything else is middle of the road. Lotsa name not enough game. He is guaranteed minutes though, so I like that. Mullens is getting the start tonight and Shved should be getting the start as soon as Minny ships Ridnour off. Both are equally taxing on the FG% as well. Curious to see if I'm overvaluing Mullens and Shved here.

      Just wanted some opinions on this deal as it is, not really looking for full roster advice. Thanks for replies, anyone else wanna put their two cents in?

    • team A wins imo. even tho its a deep league and probably no decent FA's, it's still too little for joe.

      answer mine plz


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