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  • FUNtasy FUNtasy Feb 8, 2013 1:00 PM Flag

    BIG trade!

    give: nash, cousins, paul george
    get: wade, harden

    fair? take and run? thanks!

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    • ill take nash side

    • Even though Nash ins't his old self, and Cousins has been somewhat of a disappointment comared to preseason expectations, I'd much rather have your side. It has a TON of depth and produces in all categories. You cover all positions from PG to C, and cover all stats. I know Wade is a big time name, and Harden has had a monster year, but honestly Paul George isn't much different than Harden, and I'd rather have the upside of Nash/Cousins than Wade.

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      • thanks for your reply, i understand that, i am lucky this year that i have a very nice squad, (i think mostly probably i am locked at first place going into playoff and will have a bye week) and what i want to do now is to build a team for a playoff (it is a money league), which means i would like to send away players that have "bad" playoff schedule (hawks, lakers, pacers, kings all have 8 games for week 23 and 24) for players that have a great playoff schedule (heat and rocket has 9 games through that span). the move can also create a empty spot so that i could pick up love (timberwolves has 10 games) or any rising star off the waiver. below is my squad, let me know your opinion. the other choices would be acquiring noah and rose (bulls has 10 games). thanks again!

        10 team h2h league number is parentheses is the number of game through week 23 and 24.

        steve nash (8)
        jeff teague (8)
        kemba walker (9)
        kyle lowry (9)
        raymond felton (10)
        paul george (8)
        nicholas batum (9)
        lebron james (9)
        ersan ilyasova (10)
        brook lopez (9)
        nikola pekovic (10)
        larry sanders (10)
        demarcus cousins (8)


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