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  • unPHOgettable unPHOgettable Feb 8, 2013 4:15 AM Flag

    Lacking in rebounds?

    How am I in rebounding? Compared to other teams in my league I feel like I'm weak. This is a 10 team HxH 9 cat. Noah's foot is also worrying me. Should I make a move to maybe get a guy like JJ Hickson? Here's my team;

    PG Russell Westbrook
    SG Joe Johnson
    G Ty Lawson
    SF Andre Iguodala
    PF Kenneth Faried
    F Kyle Korver
    C Joakim Noah
    C David Lee
    Util George Hill
    Util Jameer Nelson
    BN Jamal Crawford
    BN Andre Drummond
    BN Amir Johnson
    BN Derrick Rose

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    • I had Drummond too and had to drop him, it sucks because he was doing well up to the injury but can't let that roster spot sit for 4-6 weeks for a guy that will likely still have limited minutes when he returns. Who are your FA options? Depending on how "smart" your league is if someone like Tristian Thompson or Asik are on the wire still drop Drummond. List the top rebounders on your FA wire and I'll be able to answer better as in my 12 team H2H league rebounds is 1 cat I pay close attention to

    • Drummond is out 4-6 weekks now. Drop him for the best FA and def. think about making a trade

    • Go to league page. See where it says the name of the guy in 1st place? See how above that it says "Standings", "Schedule" etc.... On that line, look all the way to the right. See where it says Head to Head stats? Click on that. Find your team and see how many weeks you've won and lost that category.
      You can also go back week from week and see how you've been doing in it for hte last few weeks.

      If this was a 12 team league I'd say you were pretty solid. But in a 10 teamer with lots of talent on every roster, if a few teams are Front court heavy, you will struggle to beat them.
      I like the idea of trading Iggy, except that it would leave you with just Korver and Johnson for the SG slot. Both are good players, but Korver is injury prone, if he goes down it would suck to rely solely on JJ.
      I'd be more likely to try to trade 1 of my PG's, and pray that Rose comes back and produces at an elite level. Because if he does, you don't need all of those guys. Hill or Nelson would be the ones I try to trade. Maybe even Crawford.

    • i wonder what big man you could get for hill and iggy. i dont feel like its a great time to sell nelson otherwise id look to move him over hill but i think you should go for a better big man than hickson. you have a lot of assists especially when rose is healthy and i feel like you cant afford to take another hit at FT% so maybe involving iggy in a trade is a good idea. if you could get lamarcus, big al, gasol, bosh, or lopez i think that would be a good move

    • yeah u def need another rebounder, faried and lee are solid but with noah's injury and drummond's erratic playing time, hickson would be a good add. can u reply to my post "pick up rose, drop who"

    • You might trade Nelson for Hickson. Answer mine "can i team make to PO?


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