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  • JROCK JROCK Feb 8, 2013 12:41 AM Flag

    Ginobili/Kirilenko for Faried/DeRozan??

    I'm currently 2nd in a 10m 9cat league.

    My team:
    Brandon Jennings PG
    Tony Parker PG
    Ricky Rubio PG
    Andrei Kirilenko SF/PF
    Joe Johnson SG/SF
    Nicolas Batum SG/SF
    Kevin Durant SF
    J.R. Smith SG/SF
    Danny Granger SG/SF
    Al Horford PF/C
    Carlos Boozer PF/C
    Tristan Thompson PF/C
    Andrea Bargnani PF/C

    Better or worse with Faried/DeRozan instead of Ginobili/A.K.?

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    • yes, faired boards, derozan points. Ginobili always hurt

    • I'd probably take my chances with Faried and Derozan, mainly because of injury risk. Gino and AK are both very injury prone. And while Faried can be inconsistent, and Derozan isn't the most well rounded fantasy player, they are both less likely to miss time.
      If I made the move, I'd try to trade Derozan for someone who maybe scores less (since you have some big time scorers already) for a guy who has better other stats, wether it be better 3's, steals, assists, or something.
      I also think that with Batum, Durant, Smith and Granger, you don't need 2 more wing players.
      But personally I'd recommend trying to sell high on Bargnani if he racks up a couple nice games, before people start to remember how injury prone and inconsistent he is. Not to mention he is a high volume/low % center who is not a dominant rebounder. I'd much rather have a big with better FG%, Rebs and blks, even if you take a small hit in 3's and scoring.


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