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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 7, 2013 7:15 PM Flag

    Best Free Agent?

    16 team deep league.
    If you had to chose 1 of these, who would it be, and would it be long term or short term in your opinion? Postional eligibility is a little more important in this league than most, since we only start 1 player per position, plus 1 utility slot each day (total of 6 roster spots each day).

    Courtney Lee (SG,SF)
    Carlos Delfino (SG,SF)
    Devin Harris (PG,SG)
    Mo Harkless (SF)
    Al Fariq Aminu (SF)
    Ben Gordon (SG)

    I currently have Courtney Lee

    Also, if you had to chose 1 from this list:
    Kevin Seraphin (PF,C)
    Lavoy Allen (PF,C)
    Thomas Robinson (PF)
    Jason Smith (PF,C)
    Jermaine O'Neal (C)

    I was stashing Seraphin in the hopes that he'd get 30+ MPG consistently. But with how well Okafor has played, and Nene back, it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon, and can't afford to stash him anymore... I just dropped him for Lavoy Allen who I own in a 20 team 20 man roster league also. With Thad Young out, and Bynum not ready yet, I figured Allen has the best chance of producing out of that group, at least in the short term.

    Just FYI I realize non of these guys are game changers, and most are not worth owning at all in normal 12 team leagues, but this 16 teamer is super competitive.

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    • i owned aminu for a bit in my deep league and hes nice cause he wont hurt you really but hes inconsistent and produces in pretty cheap categories. delfino might be the best option but all the guys are gonna be pretty inconsistent so for the short term i would try to find whoever has the best shot right now. yea see what allen can do. jermaine posts a unique statline that could be valuable at the right time but i dont think i would own him in any situations

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      • I think that Delfino and O'Neal would be the best options, except they are both constantly getting injured and missing time. And even when Delfino is healthy, he seems to swap great games for bad ones regularly. In a league with limited roster spots I would use him when non of my other SG/SF's are playing, or when I really need 3's/steals. So if I use him and he puts up one of his duds I'm screwed. Unlike other leagues where I can play him all week long and hope that the dips and peaks average out to decent production for the week.

    • I'd add Delfino, he comes back soon Answer mine "Can My team make to Playoff?"

    • Great post..out of the 1st list I would have to go with Courtney Lee with the long term upside, since he has a versatile game and ability to put up stats across the board, with plenty of opportunity ahead. Since you already have Lee my 2nd choice would be Devin Harris long term with the slight edge over Aminu. I know Harris is so injury prone but I still think the Hawks are gonna end up starting him at the 2 and moving Korver to the 3, I just think hes gonna get more consistent opportunity than the others listed, if he can stay healthy.

      Of the 2nd list I also like Lavoy Allen for the short term. Its ashamed Smith cant find some more minutes as hes been productive given the opportunity.

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      • Thanks for the answer. Sometimes people get on my case on here for writing "too much" lol. But I hate it when people give 1 or 2 word answers for these questions, it's almost worse than no answer at all.
        I agree with Harris, I'm just not sure I can afford to drop a SG/SF eligible player for a PG/SG one, the way this league is set up. But I agree, IF he can stay healthy he should be the 1st or 2nd most valuable player on that list. If Aminu could be more consistent on the offensive end I'd take him, but it sucks when he goes multiple games scoring, 2 or 4 points.
        And as far as Jason Smith, I know the average fantasy manager probably thinks he's a scrub, but I actually really like him. He puts up decent stats in limited minutes, and the few times he's got extended runs, he has produced. But it sounds like his shoulder is going to be an ongoing issue all year.


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