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  • Iron Mike Iron Mike Feb 7, 2013 3:30 PM Flag

    Better Keeper?

    In a 10 team H2H league, who's the better of the two, Cousins or Wall? Other keepers are Melo and Jennings

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    • I'd go with Cousins for his massive upside. Also, with a PG and a SF/PF keeper already, adding a PF/C will cover all positions so in the draft you can target the best available players in the 1st couple rounds instead of passing up someone better because you have other positional needs. Cousins obviously has his downsides, mainly his FG% and his attitude, and Wall is a nice quality keeper as well, but I'd rather go into next season with Jennings/Melo/Cousins than Jennings/Melo/Wall.
      Not to mention, Cousins' worst category of FG% isn't any worse than Wall's.
      But on the other hand, I wouldn't blame you for taking Wall either. He is a strong producer in 3 categories (pts, asts, stls) and much better than average for a PG in 2 others (rebs, blks). But he doesn't shoot many 3's, his FG% hurts, and his relatively low FT% for a PG doesn't help either.
      Cousins is a strong producer in 3 categories (pts, rebs, stls) and decent in asts and blks. And although his FG% hurts, his FT% while similar to Wall's is comparitively better since PF/C's overall average is lower than PG's average... Both turn the ball over too much.
      I feel like Wall's season averages last year, with increased steals is about as good as he'll get. It would take a big change in his game and basketball IQ for his FG and FT%'s to go up, TO's go down, and have a decent 3 PT game.
      While Cousins, to me, seems to already have the talent to improve on his stats, he just needs to get over some mental hurdles, probably with a mixture of himself, a new coach and a vetaran Big man to teach him.

    • i like wall more but its pretty even i could see going with cousins if you want to keep a big man


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