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  • Jack D Jack D Feb 7, 2013 2:52 PM Flag

    please help my injury-plagued team. will help you

    12 team h2h, *OFF REB and FGM are included*

    i need some help fixing up my team. I'm currently in 7th and basically a lock for playoffs (12 games ahead of the 8th place guy who never checks his team) so im thinking of building up for the playoffs by picking up love who i originally owned.


    I lose every week in 3PM so I think I might let that CAT go. I think I need assists and need a guy or 2 to make me ok in that cat, but theres not many good FA out there.

    FA: love, mo, landry, prince, hinrich, zeller, barea, w bynum

    Any input on what I can do to improve my team would be appreciated, thanks!

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    • First lets look at who your core players are, guys that are consistent that you want to keep and build around:
      LeBron, Holiday, Nash, Duncan, Pek, Sanders, and Clark

      Then you have your tradeable assets:
      Shved, Mullens, Bogut (maybe), Favors, Speights

      Then there are the rest. These guys border on droppable and/or may be hard to trade right now:
      Koufos, Wallace, Hayward

      With the core players I have listed you will want to ignore turnovers, threes and FT% and build up the rest of your cats.

      You have lots of bigs (makes sense cause you league settings favors big men) and not many quality wings. I would consider holding on Favors and Speights since I think they have a solid second half of the season waiting to come out and trying to trade the rest in two or three for one packages (Bogut, Kuofos, Wallace, Mullens). You should be targeting guys like Kemba Walker, Deng, Marion, Monta, Iggy, Tyreke, DeRozan, George Hill, Parsons to fill those wings. Hording bigs is a good move in your league, but you gotta play someone at the wings; all those bigs don't do any good sitting on your bench in a logjam.

      Of course there are higher tier players you could go for that fit this strategy: Milsap, Batum, P George, Gay,etc.. but they will probably be hard to pry from their owners and you will have to be willing to let go of one of your core guys to get them.

      Focus on getting dimes, steals, points and decent FG above all when looking to make a trade for wing players. Make steals a high priority.

    • since u r in h2h league, i think it's important to check how many games each player in your team will play during the playoff weeks (try to package and get players that have nice playoff schedule, for example, timberwolves has the best playoff schedule). u will have to pick up love, maybe barea (if luke is out of the equation by the deadline), and zeller depends on how much speight will eat into his minutes (keep eyes for the next 2 weeks). try to set up 2-1 trades now. like trading for melo, felton, jr smith will only help your team (ny has the best schedule too!!) check out my post " BIG trade help" please, thanks!


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