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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 5, 2013 6:04 PM Flag

    CP3/Irving 8 player trade

    Did I make a mistake by rejecting this trade offer?

    12 team 9 category h-2-h non-keeper league.
    Currently in 1st place but always looking to upgrade. I offered Felton/Amir Johnson for Al Jefferson as a starting point in trade talks.

    He countered with this:
    I Give:
    Chris Paul, Serge Ibaka, George Hill, Raymond Felton
    I get:
    Kyrie Irving, Al Jefferson, Darren Collison, Pau Gasol

    This league is weird, we have daily rosters of:
    PG, PG, SG, SG, SF, SF, PF, PF, C, C and then Bench.
    So, giving up 2 PG/SG eligibles for 2 PG only is a bigger deal than most leagues. I am also interested in improving in assists, so I don't think this trade would help with that. I also am not sold on Gasol ROS.
    But overall it doesn't seem that bad, and for what it's worth, the Yahoo rankings almost lineup perfectly.

    Was I dumb to reject this? I feel like it was a decent offer but didn't really improve my team in the areas I need, and is a big swap for a team currently in 1st place.

    Also, if you were going to counter with a scaled-down offer, what would you offer up?
    I also have Amir Johnson, Matt Barnes and Aflalo that I'd consider dealing.

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    • i would also reject that offer.. cp, ibaka and hill are all solid. i believe felton will be fantasy relevant soon.. hard to pick someone to deal.. afflalo will always be there for the offense needy magic.. you might deal amir, i also have him and also trying to deal him. his future is kinda unclear.. might also deal barnes. though hr might be the starting for the clips IF rumors are true that butler will be dealt to a trade..

    • no reason to do a 4-4 deal if youre in first and not immediately thinking yes. with that said i value the guys you have already more anyway. amir/felton for big al isnt a great starting point in my opinion, al is too much of a guarantee for two question marks. neither afflalo or barnes have much trade value right now. if pau is someone you are interested in then trying to move amir for him in some way could be an option. or moving ibaka for al in some way if you have blocks elsewhere. i wouldnt target collison in any way and if you go after kyrie he will want cp3 in return and im not a huge fan of that

    • I think you made the right call in turning that down. I like CP3 over Kyrie, Ibaka over Big Al,and Hill over Collison. I'd take Pau over Felton though.
      Not worth it in my opinion.

      Don't know what to advise for a scaled down counter offer. That really depends on your wants and needs.

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      • Thanks, it's reassuring for someone else knowledgeable to confirm I did the right thing. I also like CP3 over Kyrie, but the injury risk is starting to worry me. But when healthy, having Kyrie would not help me improve in assists.
        Besides blocks, I think I like Big Al over Ibaka, and I think I have enough other shot blockers to make up for the difference, but it's a close call. Especially since he might get traded to a team that won't let him hog the ball all game.
        Hill over Collison is easy for me, especially when you factor in the PG/SG vs PG only in this league's layout.
        So, Gasol over Felton isn't enough of an upgrade for me to pull the trigger.

        This all started with me trying to cash in on Amir Johnson before Bargnani and Valancunias possibly take away some of his value, not sure how it went from that to a big time trade that doesn't even include him lol.


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