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  • Shaun Shaun Feb 2, 2013 11:08 AM Flag

    Point Guard Advice

    My current PGs are Westbrook, Conley and Andre Miller. I'm considering dropping Miller, though on the season so far, he has more assists than anyone else in the FA right now. If you're needing assists/strong 3rd PG option, would you consider dropping Miller for any of these or would you just ride it out with Miller?

    FA Pool:

    Mo Will (INJ)
    Isaiah Thomas
    Augustin (with injury to Hill)

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    • I. Thomas for more upside. Answer mine "Can my team turn around in 2nd half of season?"

    • Well I think Shved could be worth it. He will give you similar assists, but also more likely to score more and definitely hit more 3's, while keeping similar, if not better, defensive stats... The big downfall with him is his low FG% and high TO's.
      Isaiah Thomas could be pretty valuable if he ever got consistent, but he's not really an assist machine. He can dish the ball, but since most of his teammates need 1 on 1 Iso to score, he can't be relied on for assists like other PG's such as Rondo, Calderon or Vasquez.
      Williams would be the best bet for assists when healthy, but who know when or if he will be healthy.
      Barea is good, I just don't see him being consistent with Rubio off of a minutes restriction, and Shved and Ridnour healthy.
      Stuckey's value will likely go down with Calderon at PG, Knight at SG, and Bynum playing well enough to get some minutes. He will still likely have value, but not enough assists for you to consider.
      Bayless is good, but when Mike Conley's healthy I don't see him being consistent enough to own, especially if assists is your main concern.
      As of now, Hill's injury doesn't sound too serious, so I'd stay away from DJ.

      So for me, it would come down to Shved, Thomas or Miller, unless you want to take a chance that Mo Will gets healthy.

    • Bayless has looked good lately but if you need assists he is not going to be any better than Miller. Shved is not much of a passer either. The T-Wolves guard minutes are going to be interesting now that they have everyone healthy at the moment.


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