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  • Travis Travis Feb 2, 2013 10:56 AM Flag

    Howard Trade

    I've been offered D Howard for my Faried and Drummond in a 9 cat H2H league. I'm on a 7 week win streak with the team I have now and essentially been in 1st or 2nd for a month now so I haven't been actively seeking out deals. Do I want to take this deal considering Howard's injury issues and the Lakers problems affecting how he's used?

    Drummond has a huge upside if the Pistons ever turn him lose with 30+ minutes and Faried has been pretty solid so combined these guys are already putting up more stats than I would get back with Howard. This guy's team is a sinking ship so he's desperate to make a move so not sure I really want to bail him out when it could weaken my team a little in the process

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