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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 1, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Sad Day for Celtic Nation

    1st we get off to a bad start to the season, considering the talent we acquired. I'm not one of those crazed blind fans that thought adding Terry, Lee, Barbosa, Sullinger, and basically Jeff Green again would garuntee us a championship, but I figured they'd be better than a .500 team!
    Then Rondo goes down. Damn! Say what you want about his personality, but he is a very talented player.
    Now Sullinger is out for the season with a back injury!! He was my 2nd favorite player on the C's, after Rondo. Loved his work ethic, his personality and his high basketball IQ.
    I know the C's took a risk on him during the draft because of the back problems being rumored, but it still sucks to see a guy who works so hard, seems really nice, and has so much potential go down with a season ending injury.

    I know this post doesn't have much to do with fantasy sports. Unless you think Brandon Bass is in store for a big role and want to add him if he's a FA. But I just felt like venting my frustrations to other people who also love basketball.

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    • Celtics should trade KG and Pierce now while they still have value and start building with some younger guys. Their window just got slammed shut when Rondo went down

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      • Travis, I agree and disagree with you. With Pierce, he has decent trade value to a contending team looking for that final peice to make a run this year. BUT they probably won't give up a bonafide stud in return. Peirce has been very loyal to the Celtics. He could have asked/demanded a trade years ago when the team was horrible every year. And since I don't think the C's are 1 move away from being a contender this year, I almost feel like they owe it to Peirce to let him stay on the team he's been with his whole career. Obviously if someone offered a game changer for Pierce that would be a different story, but at this point I don't see that happening. And KG has a no trade clause in his contract, so he can Veto any trade involving him that he doesn't want. He's said multiple times that he doesn't want to play for anyone besides Doc, so I don' see that happening either.
        Other GMs know the Celts are hurt and vulnerable, so nobody is going to want to give them fair value in a trade right now. I'm obviously no GM, but in my opinion, making 1 or 2 smaller moves to land us a decent big man or 2, or a big man and a true PG for this season would be ok. And then re-evaluate everything in the offseason.
        They definitely need to start rebuliding with younger guys, but with Bradley, Green, Lee, Bass, Sullinger and Rondo, that's not a bad start. I think slowly adding youth while there is still somewhat of a veteran presence to mentor them would be smart... Look at the Sacremento Kings. They have a TON of extremely talented young guys. But because of the bad coaching and lack of veterans to hold the young guys with big egos in check, not much progress is being made... Imagine how much further along Cousins would be with a guy like Garnett or Duncan to mentor him. Same thing with Jason Thompson... Or how about Isaiah Thomas if he had someone like Chris Paul or another elite/experienced PG to get inside his head and help him progress.

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