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  • Nick W Nick W Feb 1, 2013 2:58 PM Flag

    Drop any of these guys for Mullens?help!!

    Droppables are: Beasley, Dudley, Bargnani, and Amir Johnson.
    Here is the rest of my team: Josh Smith, Ibaka, Dragic, George Hill, Andrew Bynum, Parsons, Calderon, Emeke, and Lillard. Help, want to do it b4 somebody else does.

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    • For me, it would be between Beasley and Bargnani.
      I know that right at the moment Beasley is getting talked about a lot, especially by the new coach. But, going by history, it seems there is a high chance of Dudley having a great 2nd half of season, and Beasley dissappearing... Giving Beasley the ball and letting him do what he wants might be good for his confidence, and his stats, but it would likely spell disaster for the team overall. And since they are already basically a loterry team, they'd be much better off involving their younger guys than letting Beasley chuck 25 shots per game.
      Now, that would be the logical scenario. But who knows, Beasley could turn into a beast and Dudley be waiver wire material in a few weeks, but my gut says otherwise.
      Johnson has played well enough that I think he should be owned even with Bargnani and Jonas coming back, and potentially another trade going down on Toronto. He also seems to be more valuable on your specific roster than some of the others.
      I honestly think Bargnani is being extremely overhyped right now. It's almost like people expect him to come back and immediately score 30pts a game, hit 3 3's and 2 blocks each night while racking up double digit boards... Sure, Bargnani's unique skill set of hitting 3's, getting blocks and high FT% can be nice. But you have to remember, he's always been a high volume/low percentage shooter from the field. That combined with disappointing rebounding from a BIG, and relatively low blocks for a 7 footer, and the fact that he was far from stellar before getting injured this year, AND the fact that Rudy Gay will comand shots, AND the fact that Lowry is less likely to get Bargs involved compared to Calderon, I just don't like Bargs very much.

      So, I would drop either Beasley or Bargnani, depedning on which one you value higher, and then try to trade whichever one you keep when they get hot.


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