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  • CWizzle CWizzle Feb 1, 2013 1:23 PM Flag

    Jrue Holiday trade!!

    It looks like the majority is saying to keep what you have. But I would honestly take a long hard look at accepting this.
    The ONLY reason I would consider not making this deal, is Andrew Bynum. IF he comes back, stays healthy and demands the ball go through him in the post, that COULD effect Holiday's value, especially in scoring and assists.
    But, if you assume both PG's involved here will keep up their current production, I like the Holiday side. Even though Butler has played some great ball lately, I like the idea of selling high on him. Some of his production has been without Deng and/or Boozer, and ALL of it has been without Rose. I just can't vision him maintaining his current value once everyone is healthy.
    The side getting Lillard might have to drop a decent player to add those 3, while you get to take a chance on a FA. THat works in your favor IMO.
    So basically, I like Holiday over Lillard just barely or maybe equal, Vucevic over Faried by a good margin, and Butler probably better than any FA right now, but probably not in a month.


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