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  • ThomasC ThomasC Jan 31, 2013 1:06 PM Flag

    winners of this proposed trade?

    I Give:David Lee, Jarrett Jack
    I Get: Joe Johnson, JJ Hickson

    My team
    Jeremy Lin
    James Harden
    Derrick Rose
    Jarrett Jack
    Gordon Hayward
    Gerald Wallace
    Deron Williams
    Danny Granger
    Josh Smith
    Kenneth Faried
    David Lee
    Andrew Bynum
    Zach Randolph
    Alexy Shved

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    • I rather have Lee and Jack. Answer mine "Drop Mcgee?"

    • I would keep those players. I like Lee over Hickson. Joe Johnson pretty much has the same numbers as Jarrett Jack, except when Curry is out. Jack will get better numbers. Especially assists.

    • I would NOT consider this trade... At all. I know that Bogut's return could negatively effect David Lee slightly, but I don't think it will be drastic. Especially if they are careful with Bogut and don't overload him with heavy minutes.
      With Portland struggling, I don't see why they would not eventually give Meyers Leonard more minutes. It would be good to give him some experience, and that could take away from Hickson's value. Joe Johnson is nice, but I don't trust him. I think he's a better player than Jack, but I'd honestly rather own Jack. He's put up nice value alongside Curry, and could put up BIG numbers if Curry ever gets hurt for an extended period of time.
      Looking at your bigs, I would assume you don't do very well in blocks. You should get better if Bynum actually returns and plays well, but Lee and Randolph are both great but they just don't block many shots. I would try to make some sort of trade for a guy who gets over 1 block per game. Maybe someone who has simliar rebounding numbers as Randolph, but less scoring and more blocks. You seem to have enough scorers, so taking a hit in PTS for an upgrade in Blks would be a smart move in my opinion.


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