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  • daniel daniel Jan 31, 2013 5:18 AM Flag

    Gortat &drummond for Aldridge ?

    Would appreciate input

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    • If you're the one getting Aldridge and there is a good free agent then it's a good trade.

      can u help with mine "Ridnour, Beal, Dudley"

    • Who would be the player being added to the Aldridge side, and who would the guy be dropping on the Gortat/Drummond side?
      I like Aldridge overall more, but if I had a decent player to drop, could afford to lose some scoring and didn't care about FT% I'd probably gamble on the Gortat/Drummond side. If Drummond starts getting closer to 30MPG, he'll likely be a beast.
      But if the guy getting aldridge needs the scoring and instant boost in FT%, and has a decent FA to add, his side looks nice too.
      This is a trade that could actually work out for both sides depending on various factors.

    • i would take aldridge. gortat has been up and down and while i like drummond he still has much to learn and that FT% still hurts a lot. aldridge is a proven stud and will continue to put up very useful numbers

    • This is hard cuz I have Drummond N when he gets more mins he could be a double-Double machine with Blks N steals but LA is a great player too have for points N reb but I would do that trade N pick up a player like Okafor if he's a FA but I would make that trade thou......Answer mine please Mayo N parsons


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