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  • L L Jan 29, 2013 11:56 AM Flag

    please help my team is falling apart!

    After a bunch of trades, dumb drops and the loss of Varejao now Rondo this is the team i am left with. My strongest cats were rebounds and asists. H2H league very comepetitive FA list is a GRAVEYARD. I need advice on what to do PLEASE. Im debating selling Westbrook for depth or do I just keep him and try to stream what i need weekly for the wire. Offers for westbrook i am getting are Eric Gordon & Ibaka, John Wall & Al horford, Calderone + 1 tbd, Jrue + 1 tbd, Kyrie Irving and matt barnes. Do I counter, accept any, stay put, change the whole direction of my team?? help please!!

    My Team:

    Eric Bledsoe (hopin he gets traded to be a starter)
    Will Bynum (picked him up after rondo went down...told u wire is hurting)
    Ray Allen
    Allen Anderson
    Martell Webster
    Andre Igualdala
    Andre Drummond
    Gerald Wallace (hoping he turns it up ROS)
    Tyson Chandler (trade him now with neck problem rising?)
    Greg Monroe
    Javal Mcgee (ugh another mess)
    Andrea Bargnarni (hoping for the big comeback and trade to better situation)

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