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  • AXEL AXEL Jan 28, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Bogut set to return tonight

    should i drop ed davis for bogut???

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    • Normally I would not reccomend this move, but after looking at your roster I think if you are a gambler then it's not the worst decision.
      I really like Ed Davis, he has huge upside and is finally starting to prove himself. But there are concerns. What will his MPG be when Bargnani is back and healthy? Especially with Amir Johnson playing this good. I still don't think the coach will be able to just bench him, but a 5 minute reduction in minutes isn't unlikely. That's just an assumption though.
      Bogut has HUGE upside, but also has HUGE risks. His injury history is not good. The likelihood he stays healthy all year is very slim. He could be rusty, he could be limited on back to backs or on a minutes restriction, he could have lost some of his edge. OR he could instantly return to his peak form, rebounding and blocking shots like a madman. Nobody knows yet.
      In a 12 team league I'd usually say keep Davis, let someone else deal with Bogut's headache, play it safe. But with Aldridge, Monroe, Vucevic, Pekovic and Asik, I think if you drop Davis and Bogut doesn't end up working out, it won't really hurt you that much. Your other bigs should still be enough. So in this case, I'd take the gamble on Bogut. If he actually plays, and plays well, try to trade him while he's hot, for someone else to fit your positional needs better. Possibly a SG/SF type of wing player.

    • I just dropped Gee for him in my 12t league, I hear he's extremely motivated so adding him might be a good idea....though try dropping someone else if you can cause David is playing quite well last time I checked


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