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  • DarksteeL DarksteeL Jan 23, 2013 7:24 AM Flag


    12 Team 10 Category ROTO League

    I'm targeting DURANT. I'm planning on giving either Harden + someone OR Batum + someone.
    I'm having a hard time to make the owner take trade offer.. I need your help here guys.

    G Irving Harden Tyreke
    F Batum KG Zeller
    C Nene Splitter
    U Collison Beal
    B Amare McGee JaCrawford
    (I have Splitter and Zeller coz I'm dead last in the REB dept. and they give me decent blocks too)

    G Nelson Felton Leonard
    F Durant Ilyasova Pau
    C Drummond Cousins
    U Monroe Hill
    B Thornton Humphries Gordon

    Is there any way that I could come up with a trade offer that will make him take the bait? He's low on BLK, he's ranked 10th. So maybe he'll want Batum over Harden to compensate on his loss on KDs blocks .. :)

    I'm 6th overall now. (from 10th last Nov/Dec due to injuries Irving, Nene, Tyreke. I haven't played Amare yet). This January I became 3rd overall but then slided back 4th/5th/6th. So far, I've been sliding back and forth from 3rd - 6th...

    I could really use some help/insights here. And I would greatly appreciate any comments/replies.

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