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  • Ant Ant Jan 22, 2013 3:43 PM Flag

    Pick up Jason Kidd?

    My weakest droppable links are Rubio and Korver

    H2H league

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    • i value kidd more than rubio

    • I disagree with Cwizzle, Kidd's production will be limited with Shumpert and Felton (comes back this week) in the back court. Kover's value get boost with Lou out of season.

    • I'd disagree that Kidd "sucks" in fantasy. But he's not suitable for all rosters. His FG% isn't good, and he doesn't score. He CAN be a nice role player and used for 3's, steals and low end assists, and although his high FT% won't win you the category due to his low attempts, it obviously doesn't hurt you.
      But, with Felton coming back soon and Shumpert starting to knock the rust off, Kidd's value is capped. He might actually maintain his value in less minutes since he'll be better rested though.

      Saying all that, there is no way, in my opinion, that he should be picked up if you are dropping Rubio or Korver.
      Rubio has nice upside with his assists, steals and low end 3's. His FG%, overall scoring, and high TO's have always been his downside, but he still has value. He's obviously going to take some time to get back to full strength and might be better off being stashed on your bench until then if his low scoring and poor FG% are hurting you more than his assists and steals are helping you right now, but I wouldn't drop him.
      And while Korver is not a top 10 type of player, I think he is sometimes over looked. He has great 3's, better than decent %'s, and although his defensive stats don't jump out at you, that can be useful. With Lou Wiliams out for the year, and the fact that Korver can play SG when they go big with Zaza at C, Horford at PF and Smith at SF, or he can play SF when they shift Horford to C and Smih PF, means that he should get plenty of playing time.... Devin Harris has had some nice games, but I don't see him taking too much value away from Korver, especially since Harris has been very inconsistent in the past.

    • no , kidd sucks in fantasy ... keep what you have ... whos on the fa list though ?


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